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How to Request to See Your Counselor

Click here for Counselor Contact Information

Counselors at CHS main are spread throughout the building. At CHS 9, they are housed with the assistant principal. They also all have a secretary to help them manage their office.

Students are able to stop in to see their counselor between classes and let the secretary know they need to see the counselor. Students may also email their counselor, call their counselor, or fill out the online request below to see a counselor. The digital request forms below are ONLY for students in grades 10-12, students in grade 9 STILL go to the counselor office for a paper form.

If you or a friend is in crisis during school hours, please do not send an email!!! If it is during school hours- call us and if you can’t get your assigned counselor…. just keep calling all of us as we want to help immediately. For after school hours, see below.

If you are experiencing an emergency, crisis or need immediate assistance, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room. If you need to report student activity, please contact the CISD Police Department 936-709-8911, Kid Chat1-888-543-2428, or Anonymous Alert(

Request to See a Counselor

Click on the Counselor for their request form, this is ONLY for students in grade 10-12.You MUST hit SUBMIT for the form to go to the counselor, please don’t forget as we want to talk to you too!! If you do not hear from your counselor within 24 hours, please email the counselor or call them or call the counselor’s secretary. Here are direct contact numbers. Students in grade 9 go to the counselors’ offices to fill out a paper form:

Castillo (last name A-Broo and new to the country)

Hadash (last name Brop-D)

Knight (last name E-Hac)

Holmes (last name Had-Leg)

McCune (last name Leh-Mun)

Davis (last name Muo-Reb)

Bond (last name Rec-Sti and dual credit)

Brown (last name Stj-Z)