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Contact Your Counselor

Counselors at CHS main are spread throughout the building. At CHS 9, they are housed with the assistant principal. They also all have a secretary to help them manage their office.

Students are able to stop in to see their counselor between classes and let the secretary know they need to see the counselor. Students may also email their counselor, call their counselor, or message them via Canvas.

If you or a friend is in crisis during school hours, please do not send an email!!! If it is during school hours- go to the closest office and the adult in there can help….we want to help immediately. For after school hours, see below.

If you are experiencing an emergency, crisis or need immediate assistance, please call 911 or go to your local emergency room. If you need to report student activity, please contact the CISD Police Department 936-709-8911, Kid Chat1-888-543-2428, or Anonymous Alert

9th Grade Counselors

CHS Counselors