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Scheduling and Course Selection

Links below are for the 22.23 school year. Class of 2026 parents should refer to the class of 2026 button below. Class of 2023-2025 parents were sent the following videos:

Class of 2025

Class of 2023 and 2024

Course Selection

If you use assistive technology and experience difficulty accessing the information below, please contact a school counselor.

Students meet with their counselor each year to develop a 4 year plan. Course selections are based on that plan and students are given a chance to change course requests in the spring semester. The deadline to change elective courses for next year has passed. We will be adjusting requests only if a student failed a required course this year and needs to retake it next year or if they failed a required prerequisite for a course. Students wanting changes related to sports, band, orchestra, choir, debte, ROTC, drill team, yearbook/newspaper, or cheer need to contact those coaches or sponsors first. The athletics office is 936-709-5817, the band office is 936-709-5808, for other programs please call the main number 936-709-5700 and the operator can direct you.

On 2/7 during 2nd period all students in grades 9-11 will watch this video with directions on how to finish their course selection paperwork.

Dual Credit

For Dual Credit information, please see our Dual Credit webpage.


The AVID program is aimed at getting students truly college and career ready. Nationwide data that shows that almost 40% students who attend college their first year, do not return to college for their second year. College retention is dropping at an alarming rate. We are aware that we need to be doing more to prepare students for the reality of college. AVID requires students to challenge themselves in high school and develop the necessary skills (like note taking, organization, academic vocabulary, Socratic discussions, reading/annotating) for college.

AVID students need to be willing to struggle and challenge themselves. For example, all AVID students are required to take more rigorous courses (Honors, AP, and Dual Credit). We intentionally build the schedule, so these students have firsthand experience with true college rigor before graduating high school. We do build support for our students like tips for organization, correct note-taking systems, academic vocabulary, testing strategies, tutorials, student advocacy and agency. AVID is for students who want to go to college and who is willing to take the necessary steps to being successful in college.

We do develop professional skills as well and build resumes, explore college pathways, complete college admissions essays, and even apply for scholarships beginning the students’ sophomore year. We want our students to go to college and hold them to that standard. There are countless moving parts that are required to go to college and we ensure our students are set up to the best of our abilities. We create a family and support system to get students to acknowledge their struggles and build grit to stick to their goals.

Questions concerning this program can be answered by Mrs. Deavours