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Four Year Plans

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Four Year Plans

Students graduate under the House Bill 5 Graduation Plan. This plan requires that students take specific courses and select an Endorsement. The Endorsement is simply the area of coursework that they pick for their electives. These sample four year plans are designed to help guide students as they create their plans. At CHS, counselors meet with students each year to go over their plans and to make changes as needed. If you have questions, please consult your student’s high school counselor. Course offerings and availability will change, these samples can only serve as a guide. Consult the information given during course selection and the all classes list to see what is offered each year. Many programs will also require applications, try outs, fees, and/or may have limited seating capacity. That is why it is always important to add alternates to your course requests each year. We give priority seating to students who indicate that they will complete a pathway in that area, that means they will be taking all the courses that correspond to that specific area. For example, students who want Animation courses should take principles of A/V for one period, then they take Animation 1 for one period, and then they will take Animation 2 for two periods. That pathway should show in their four year plan.

Sample Four Year Plans

If you use assistive technology and experience difficulty accessing the information in the documents, please contact the school counselor.

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