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College Night Information

How to Work a College Fair

The annual Conroe ISD College Fair will be Monday, October 1st at the Conroe Convention Center (9055 Airport Road) from 6:30-8:30pm. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of the experience.

1. WHY GO??? Whether you’ve decided to go to a 4-yr college or you’re not sure college is for you, here’s the chance for you and/or parents to explore. Think of a college fair as a mall and the colleges as stores. You can browse the options to give you a better idea of what you want and need for your future.

2. Be prepared. You have two easy methods to prep your information to give to the colleges. Bring pre-printed sticky labels (you can make these or use your parent’s return labels) and/or register your info and create a scanner barcode. (Not all colleges have scanners, but many do use this technology. (see below)

3. Arrive early. The Conroe ISD College Fair opens at 6:30pm and lasts two hours. I-45 traffic can be tricky, and parking at the Conroe Convention Center can take a few minutes. Give yourself plenty of time. If you can’t arrive early, think about arriving for the LAST hour instead. Sometimes the crowds begin to leave, and that gives you more time to meet the schools.

4. Work backwards. When you arrive, watch the flow. Don’t follow the crowd! Maybe start with the colleges at the end of the alphabet, work counter-clockwise, or start in the back of the room.

5. Skip the Big Ones. At College Fair, the crowds surround certain big-name schools. You’re not going to get much time or get much information from these universities in the college fair setting. So skip those schools all together. Spend your time meeting colleges that are new to you or universities that are geographically too far to visit.

6. Ask One Question. At some tables, you will probably have time to ask only one question. Make it a good one. Here’s some examples.

a. What is your school best known for?

b. How do you help undecided majors?

c. What is the student-teacher ratio in freshman classes?

d. How does your school help its graduates find jobs?

e. I’m a legacy at your school. What programs do you have for me?

7. Make a list. On your way home from the fair, while it’s still fresh in your mind, write down your impressions (especially those new colleges you’re discovered).

8. If interested, register for a barcode at:

a. select students

b. click on the state of Texas

c. Check the box for:

d. Select Register Now

e. Fill out all information and print barcode

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