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Seniors Must Attend – Mandatory Activities

Seniors must attend the following mandatory activities:

Wednesday, May 23rd: We will host a staggered graduation meeting in the auditorium.  Students are required to attend during their last name’s assigned time and will not be accommodated at any other time.  Those with multiple last names will need to report according to their legal last name used for their report cards.  We will be checking for fees and fines during this time, so it is highly advised that students clear these before Wednesday.

Last Names A-Gr report at 7:30 (counselors would be Castillo, Hadash, Haines)
Last Names Gs-O report at 8:30 (counselors would be Holmes, Williams, Davis)
Last Names P-Z report at 9:30 (couselors would be Davis, Bond, Brown)

Thursday, may 24th:  We will host Donuts with Grads at 7:30 in the cafeteria.  Seniors will sign in with their counselor and receive their bus assignment.  We will transport seniors to The Cynthia Woods Pavilion for practice.  Seniors must ride the bus to the practice.  Upon arrival back to CHS, students will be given their tickets for graduation.