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Meet Our Counselors

If you use assistive technology and experience difficulty accessing the information below, please contact a school counselor.

Your CHS 2016-2017 Counselor Team

Lydia Joiner, Lead Counselor

April Chatmon, College & Career Center

Grade Level Counselors - Main Campus

Aimee Castillo, Alpha A-B

Heather Hadash, Alpha C-E

Autumn Haines, Alpha F-Herb

Tiffany Arceneaux, Alpha Herb-Low

Ken Williams, Alpha Lox-Naq

Claudia Thorvilson, Alpha Nar-Rem

Sheri Scheier, Alpha Ren-Sp

Stacy Brown, Alpha Sq-Z

Your CHS-9 2016-2017 Counselor Team

Meet the CHS 9th Counselors

Leigha Ruffin, Alpha A-Gar

Jessica Castro, Alpha Gas-Or

Linda McAdams, Alpha Os-Z